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Castle Keep™       buy online


The Game of Medieval Strategy and Siege


Castle Keep™ details:

UPC CODE:0759751055097
ISBN #:1-932812-12-1
ITEM SIZE:8 x 5.25 x 2.75
ITEM WEIGHT:1.25 lbs.
CARTON SIZE:18 x 8.5 x 6
How to Play

Raise your castle! Raze the enemy! In this clever game of medieval maneuvers, build a castle with walls, towers, and a keep by matching color, shape, or both. Will you use your game tiles to strengthen your fortress or to attack vulnerable opponents? Choose wisely, or you may find yourself in royal ruins! The first player to build a complete castle rules the land.

Transport yourself to a time when protecting your possessions meant defending your keep, the most secure part of the castle. Keeps were often called 'Great towers' because of their imposing structure - walls over 10 feet thick and 75 feet high. They served various functions, from last resort strongholds during battle to sites of castle dungeons. While there are few remaining keeps still standing today, you can get a small taste of what it was like to build and defend a castle in this game that is simple to learn, yet full of strategy and decision-making elements that will challenge all ages.

enhances the following skills
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Matching
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reviews and quotes

Every knight needs a castle over which to do battle, but first it must be built! This fast paced game challenges two to four players to build a castle or to destroy the castle of their enemy. Families find the rules for this game simple and straightforward, but complex strategies develop as everyone becomes more experienced with the game. The game also includes directions for variations including a solitaire game. This is a great game for the whole family.

- Canadian Toy Testing Council


Castle Keep has just enough strategic elements to entice the serious game player, just enough luck to keep everyone, adults and kids, from getting too serious to know when they're having fun, and is just long enough (around 20 minutes) to keep people deeply and happily engaged.

- MajorFun.com


There is a new routine in my house. At night the kids and I brush our teeth, pile onto my bed, and play three rounds of Castle Keep. This is the only way I can keep my kids from relentlessly hounding me to play Castle Keep during the daytime hours.

- Eliza Y., SacredSprialKids.com


This unique strategy game will keep you on your armored toes as you strive to complete your medieval castle before your opponent. Deciding whether to spend a turn building your stone walled fortress or electing to mischievously trip up your opponents' construction plans are what make the gameplay so much fun. The game is quick allowing for rematches and revised strategy. Sometimes it is good to be the King.

- National Parenting Center


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