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Luck of the Draw™       buy online


A Game for the Artistically Challenged


Luck of the Draw™ details:

UPC CODE:0759751071028
ISBN #:1-932812-37-7
ITEM SIZE:10.6 x 8 x 2.5
ITEM WEIGHT:2.5 lbs.
CARTON SIZE:15.00 x 8.00 x 10.73
  • 210 subject cards
  • 105 category cards
  • 45 second timer
  • 8 pads of paper
  • 8 pencils
  • 8 voting wheels
  • 8 colored chips
  • 1 custom die
  • rules of play - Download PDF [help]
How to Play

Think you're the next Picasso? Can't draw a stick figure to save your life? No matter the answer, you will have a blast playing this off-the-wall party game where you don't have to be the best artist to win. Pick a card and scramble to scribble a mini masterpiece in 45 seconds. Then, vote on whose drawing best fits one of over 100 creative categories. Will your picture be the squiggliest? The ugliest? The most likely to hang on a refrigerator? Win the most votes and you've got the Luck of the Draw!

At long last, a drawing game where even the worst artist can win! We knew this game had the making of a masterpiece from the moment our testers couldn't put down their pencils. Since everyone draws at the same time, its always entertaining to see the variety of ways a particular subject gets interpreted. It's even more entertaining to see which drawings get picked as winners. Don't take it personally if you're voted "Most Embarrassing" or "Least Artistic." Take it as source of pride that you know how to draw to win!

enhances the following skills
  • Artistic Expression
  • Language & Vocabulary Development
  • Creativity & Imagination
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reviews and quotes

"Provides hours of fun and laughter for all ages."

- The Canadian Toy Testing Council


"Provides hours of laugh-out-loud family fun, and encourages art appreciation."

- Scholastic.com


Fantastic party game that delights teenagers and adults alike and allows every player to shine (or at least be noticed) at some point in the game. Taking a few good mechanics (voting, timed drawings) and adding in some hilarity with a good mix of category cards, Luck of the Draw will cause Pictionary to NEVER be played in my house again.

- Tom Vasel


"Enormously fun family game."

- The National Parenting Center


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